Cover Songs

Covering more traditional faith songs began during lockdown, when our church services went online and needed content. Our pastor picked songs from our Hymnal, asking me to learn them for Sunday. Many, I'd never heard before. I'd sing and play them into the voice recorder app on my phone-sometimes with a simple rhythm track behind. And, of course, they came out sounding more like Bob Dylan than the church choir! 

The labor of learning these songs blessed me with an unexpected appreciation for their beautiful expression of faith. Which is why they are played and sung all over the world. If songs are your passion, like they are for me, you try to figure out what makes one connect, like these do. I've come to believe it's more than just the words, chords and melody- no matter how beautiful. It's when all those pieces fit together perfectly somehow. They bond into something new and unbreakable- like a water molecule. And we feel it. And just like water, the new creation is elemental and life sustaining. Think of the song Lean on Me by Bill Withers as an example. Songs like this are anointed, be they "secular" or "religious." And often they are both. And I sure wish I could write one! :)   I'll be adding more songs as we go along.  

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing