Alt Christian music?  “Alt” as in alternative Christian music. Is that even a thing? Well....maybe.

Recently, I was asked why I’m a Christian and the answer was easy….because I believe the story.  Like many believers, my faith was not delivered kicking and screaming in a born-again moment. It gestated quietly, in its own time, through study, prayer and fellowship- growing into what is now an unshakable awareness of God with me and in me. I'm part of a faith community who believes in “open hearts and open minds” and who is comfortable with a little “mystery” mixed in with our believing. But alternative Christian? I don't think so.

My music on the other hand…well, maybe. Alt Christian, Christian faith music, indie Christian, Christian rock, Praise music, Gospel, Christian Roots, Christian-Americana- it's a bit of all of that. Whatever it is and wherever it fits, I hope the songs will accompany you on some stretch of your faith journey. Be safe, stay strong and keep walking in the light!   


The Uplift: March, 2022

Sometimes it’s simple. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a chiropractor’s office, you’ve most likely experienced the relentlessly positive vibe that prevails among staff and doctors.  My chiropractor is no different.  (Believe me, it helps when you’re in pain!) 

Today, I got chatting with one of the staff about my wife’s brush with cancer (she’s okay now). We agreed how an experience like that changes you—mortality slaps you in the face and compels you to want to enjoy every day that you’re given.  This young woman in the office shared her way: she texts everyone in her family once a week just to say “I love you.” Not a group text, mind you, individual, personalized texts. 

It lifts her to do it, she says, and according to her family, it lifts them too- often at just the moment they need it most.  Funny how that works. Mother Theresa said – “if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”  Sometimes it’s that simple. 

Now God doesn’t text or phone (probably not) but He/She left us words to help us live. One I lean on often is “I am with you Always” (Mathew 28).  Until next time—stay safe, be brave and keep walking toward the light.   

Musical pairing “Raise Your Head”   

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All songs - David Brauner except "Eyes of Everlasting Love" (David Brauner-George Johnston). Produced by Sven-Erik Seaholm.

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