From the recording Love & Persistence


The Stranger (Turn Around)|
I was quick on my way
one late summer’s day
bound for town, when I turned around
and first saw the stranger.

His hair was wild like a storm
but his countenance was calm.
I offered water for his thirst
He said, you take your drink first.
The stranger.

I know you brother, he finally said,
but I smiled and shook my head.
He said truly, just the same
then he whispered my secret name.
The stranger.

He said brother, don’t you go into town
there’s trouble, turn around
there’s trouble, turn around
turn around.

Now I can recall
watching every foot fall
with no more words as we walked along
and when I looked up, he was gone.
The stranger.

He said brother don’t you go into town…

How many times since that day
I wish I heeded what he had to say
and now it’s too late to consider
but he sure did seem familiar
The stranger…