1. No Man's Land

From the recording No Man's Land


No Man’s Land
Now I ain’t in the shadows
I’m in the bright daylight
and I ain’t feeling too bad
but something ain’t right

I can’t move forward
and there ain’t no going back
my engine’s a rumbling
but one wheel’s off the track
I’m in no man’s land, no man’s land…

Now you step into quicksand
and you will never be found
Now I can’t move my feet
but I ain’t going down
I’m in no man’s land, no man’s land…no man’s land.

Now no one owns me baby
or tells me what to do
and there is only one voice
and Him I listen to
But if you ask me baby
this ain’t no way to be free
there ain’t no walls in no man’s land
but there’s some pretty good boundaries

I’m in no man’s land….

Now it ain’t what you wanted
but it’s what you got
and what we can do about it
ain’t a whole hell of a lot

We’re in no man’s land…