From the recording No Man's Land


When God Says Go!
Now out in the plains of Elah
no sword in his hand
a boy faced a giant in battle
out in foreign land
no armor covering his heart
no helmet upon his head
his whole army stepped back
He stepped up instead
and God said, David
pick up that stone and throw
man, big things happen when God says go

Now you know Abraham
he was a quiet man
loved watching his family grow
and tending to his lambs
with his arm around Isaac
and Sarah by his side
he was happy to stay to home
but God said it’s time to ride
God said Abraham
from you mighty nations will flow
man, big things happen when god says go

Now Noah and Moses and the whole crew
the saints and the prophets, brother they’ll tell you too
That you do not know what you can do
so make sure to listen up when god’s talking to you
‘cause there’s one thing they all know
they all know that big things gonna happen when God says go

Hey now so here I am
standing out in the rain
turned so inside out
I don’t know my own name
but I can remember this
from a Sunday school class
brother what’s up ahead
is more important than the past
God’s says son, you should know
pay attention and listen real low
man, big things happen when God says Go