1. Jesus (911)

From the recording No Man's Land


Jesus 911
I see her down at the end of the pew
kneeling so pretty in that dress of blue
Jesus 911

Sunday morning my heart’s tied in knots
watching her walk ‘cross the parking lot
Jesus 911

My hands get sweaty and my tongue gets tied
when she says hello, I get a tickle inside.
Lord shine your light from wherever you are
my heart’s a blacker than a bubbling tar

Now I know all about agape love
sister, that ain’t what I’m thinking of
Jesus 911

now the preacher’s on some righteous Bible verse
my thoughts are drifting someplace else
Jesus 911

Moses he had a lot to say
he spoke to Yahweh every day
I’m headed for the desert Lord, see me through
before I break me a commandment or two

Now the summer nights here are hot and long
my Lord He’s gonna keep me strong
Jesus 911, Jesus 911, Jesus, Jesus 911