From the recording God is Love


We Live by Faith
By faith the walls of Jericho fell
it was faith that kept Noah dry as well
faith raised one man from the dead
and it could have been you or me instead

Now Sara was way past 63
with a little baby rocking on her knee
Who is this man wind and seas obey?
Follow Me, He said, follow Me and see.

We live by faith and not by sight
we are walking steady toward the light
you will see later with your eyes so bright
what you know down in your in heart
what you know is right

Now it’s Easter time, the world is fresh and new
the flowers are pink and the sky is blue
God waits for us, it’s true
open your eyes He said,
your faith has healed you

We live by faith…….

Faith will move mountains He said
then He fed 5,000 with some loaves of bread
He tells everyone who’s living
go in peace, you are forgiven

Why He asks are you afraid?
With some faith, sister you are saved.
Why then are you still afraid?
With some faith you are saved.